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1.   Transport system:

Transport System inside Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ is planned with large load that ensure convenient transportation to each plot.
-    Main roads: 34,5m (6 lanes)
-    Other internal roads: 16,5m (2 lanes)

2.    Power Supply System:
Power System was supplied by the national power network (110/22 KV) through substations which have a capacity of 80MVA, available electric wire system of 22 KV.

3.    Water Supply:
Water System supplies fresh water from a water plant with capacity of 210,000m3/day night

4.    Drainage system and Waste-water Treatment:
Domestic waste-water is collected and treated by the waste-water treatment plant with a capacity of 5,000m3/day-night before discharging into the environment.

5.   Information Technology:
Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ builds a modern IT System to adapt to the need of commnunications such as Telephone, High-speed Internet Connection, etc.