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SDN attended Conference of Investing and Trading Promotion Vietnam – Japan in Osaka and Kobe.

On 14th and 15th October 2014, in Osaka city and Kobe city - Japan, there are 2 Conferences forInvesting and Trading Promotion between Vietnam and Japan for supporting industry as well as manufacturing and processing industry. These conferences were hosted by Consulate General in Osaka and Trade Promotion Department (VIETRADE), Ministry of Industry and Trade Vietnam.

The conferences had the supporting and attendance of Japan departments at Kansai area like Kansai Office of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan (METI Kansai), Japan External Trade Organization at Osaka (JETRO Osaka), Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI), and the government as well as other economic development offices in Hyogo province and Kobe city.

The conferences have attracted many participants, included 25 representatives of provinces, industrial parks and processing companies in Vietnam, more than 120 companies in Osaka and 100 companies in Kobe.

At the conferences, Japan companies in Osaka and Kobe have contributed detail information of economic developing situation, policies to attract investment and economic environment in Vietnam, as well as developing demand and investment opportunities in supporting, processing and manufacturing industry in Vietnam.

Besides, Vietnam delegates and Japan companies that are cooperating in Vietnam also converged to discuss and share business and investing experience in Vietnam. At the conferences, companies from both countries had the chance to exchange information, connect and build relationships with business partners.

In the speech and sharing opinions at the conferences, Japan companies highly appreciated the effort to attract investors of Vietnam like policies and improvement of investment environment. They also confirmed that Japanese companies are really interested and desire to invest, cooperate and expand to Vietnam, especially in supporting, processing and manufacturing industry.

Japanese companies also expressed their need that Vietnam government and local will continue to support and facilitate them to successfully invest and do business in Vietnam, in order to contribute to the economic relationship between Vietnam and Japan as well as Vietnam and Kansai, Osaka, Kobe.

SDN attended in investment promotion delegation with the goodwill to be a connector between Vietnam companies that want to facilitate investment condition to Japan companies in Vietnam. With the advantages in Real estate business, especially at Danang industrial parks, SDN would like to connect with Japan companies to help them lease land to build factory in 2 key industrial parks which is Expanded Hoa Khanh Industrial park and Lien Chieu Industrial park with the competitive price, flexible payment methods and investment supports from Danang Government.

Some photos of SDN at the conference: