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Factories for lease

Factories, offices for lease are constructed to serve leasing and purchase demand of investors:

Previously, SDN has constructed 3 factories at Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ (factory area of 4,536 s.q.m on land area of 8,288 s.q.m). These services have been very successful and Investors has bought 2 of 3 factories and the last one is being rented.

Therefore in order to satisfy raising demand of Investors, SDN is going to construct two new more factories at Expanded Hoa Khanh IZ with high quality.


Location of two new factories. Source: SDN.

Technical detail of standard Factory, office:

Quantity: 2 factories;

Office's area: 147m2/floor (2 floors);

Factory's area: 4.032m2 (112mx36m);

Total land area: 7.400m2;

Height of 2 sides: 8m, peak height: 10,85m.

In front of the factory, there is a gate for container trucks; on two sides and back of factory there are doors and escape doors for emergency. Windows are built equally along the factory, which helps to get air and light for the factory.


Factories for lease of SDN. Source: SDN

* Description:

- The front roof is designed to get wind, served as natural air ventilation along the length of factory.

- Walls are built by bricks with thickness of 200mm, height of 1.2m, cemented and polished by sandpapers, painted. 

- Structure: Steel frames and beams, the upper part of walls are colored iron panels, inserted light-getting panels (horizontally), connected to columns, roof is covered by colored iron panels with two insulating layers. 

- Support facilities: Motor parking house, resting house for guards and drivers, area for installing electricity transformers station or hanging electricity transformers, firefighting water tank.